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    • #sponks

      #Sponks is a brand that combines the experimentation of the street world with the taste and quality of #madeinitaly.
      #Sponks is born from the passion of young designers for art as a daily expression of personality.
      #Sponks embodies its deepest essence in the concept of uniqueness.
      We have chosen to sell #onlyonline to allow everyone to access our product.


      Italian production excellences coexist in our project.
      Our will is to interpret this important value in a modern and communicative way.
      Our mission is to conceive a product that expresses a new form of Italianness to be exported to the world.


      Streetwear is our most important inspiration.
      The street world and its ability to evolve and adapt continuously has become our point of reference.
      Music, art, cinema and every means of culture become important in our product design process.